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One of the oldest but the most powerful method of testing any software before it hits the market is Manual Testing. This is crucial for guaranteeing high quality of functional software. Not only software, this type of testing is also considered effective for usability testing, user interface testing. Our manual testing checklist offers:
Performance Testing
Performance testing forms an integral part of the application testing services. It affects an organization’s credibility and business revenue. The traditional performance testing methodology involved developing the applications first and then testing and tuning it. This approach takes a lot of time and increase testing costs. Moreover, the time to launch the product or service in the market gets prolonged.
Our in-depth expertise provides for a comprehensive framework that predicts application performance even before it goes into production and is supplemented by a ‘what-if’ analysis of hardware configuration.
Packaged Application Testing
Manual, automated and performance testing all form the basis of our packaged application testing. We offer services across the entire lifecycle of ERP programs right from implementation, upgrade, and production to maintenance by experienced testing professionals. The ever changing business environment calls for multiple changes in the packaged applications during the support and maintenance stages. All this leads to a huge increase in the costs and efforts to ensure that the developed application gives desired outcome. Our domain expertise helps us deliver quality with optimized costs and quick results.
Data Warehousing Testing
Data and information that is stored in data warehouse plays a very important role in decision making and manually testing this huge data volume at every point is a huge task. As a result of mergers and acquisitions, data consolidation, the organizations are relying big time on data warehousing projects. The main challenges of data warehousing testing involve:
We are a leading software and solutions service provider with expertise in software quality and testing. We can help you with complete outsourcing, mentoring, training your team about the process and the tools etc. Our data warehousing solutions ensure automation of manual testing, testing across different platform, quick and effective testing; all in all a very high return on investment.
Localization Testing
After localizing an application, it needs to be tested before it can be launched in the market. Localization testing is important because corrective measures could well be taken care in the testing stage and the product does not fail. The testing process verifies how well the application is translated into the targeted language, if the product functionality is retained and the localized application is translated into high quality language.
Our localization testing services include checking the software GUI translation, verifying adaptation of interface units, interface element accommodation and checking for justification correctness. We strongly recommend localization testing, as the cost of correcting an issue before the launch is considerably low as compared to post launch.
Web Testing Services
Complete testing of web applications before hitting the market is very important as one could check for the numerous issues like security, device compatibility before it is revealed in the public. We at Futurescape ensure that your developed web application meets the expectations of the users and also works well on multiple browsers and devices.
Our QA experts check the web application for bottleneck and performance leakage and also conduct test for: browser compatibility, window application compatibility and operating system compatibility.
Test Automation
Testing all systems involved in a business process is very important, but this aspect is many a times overlooked by the organizations may be due to the urge to go live in the shortest possible span or conserve the testing budgets.
Our test automation services help reduce manual testing efforts and accelerate regression testing. We offer: automation assessment, framework implementation, and proof of concept and end-to-end automation development. We enable migration of test automation tools from platform A to B, defining and implementing test automation frameworks for all systems involved in a business process.
Virtualization Testing
Virtualization enables lean and agile IT processes in cloud-based environments which overcomes problem of hardware cost and environment set up and in turn saves the cost with proper resource utilization. Testing in virtual environment is benefit because while working with virtual machines, testing team creates the unlimited number of user configurations on their physical machines and chooses the most suitable configuration at each stage. This gives the possibility to do the following: