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Open source software can play an important role in today's business environment where the price of the software and the rate at which it reaches the market are critical factors in deciding the performance of the software in the market. Open source software can be a boon for SME's since the investment is minimum and it's always on a ready to use basis. But it can be a bit hard if you don't know how to fully utilize the open source resources to its potential. This is where we come in; we develop open source applications that help organizations to develop the capabilities they need to achieve high performance activities quickly at reduced cost. We provide technology strategy and also on ways to implement these strategies. We help to optimize the use of open source software with our expertise and technology experience.
Custom Software Application Development
Packaged software solutions are good to go but not all times. Can they go well with the business strategies and meet the requirements? Futurescape works closely with the clients and get a good knack of the business objectives, understand the software requirements, involve business analysts, instructional designers, subject matter experts and develop the custom software. After development, the developed software is tested and integrated across multiple devices and platforms for optimum functionality.
Our custom application development services involve: business analysis, feasibility analysis, application design, architecture design, software application development, maintenance and support, migration, and performance tuning.
Open Source Product Customization
Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce costs and so are opting for open source products/tools. We help organizations to identify, customize and implement the best suited open source product/tool according to their requirements. Our efficient and skilled developers are constantly on the lookout for the best open source application that matches the client’s requirement. Our developers are proficient in designing UI, installing open source applications, installing modules, creating skins, and also customizing it to cater the varied client needs.
Enterprise Content Management and Portals
Enterprise content management and portal (ECMP) aid in integration and delivery of critical business information. More content is being created digitally now and so it has become imperative for the organizations to manage and locate the content that helps in making informed decisions. The various formats in which content is created these days by the businesses include digital content, web content, e-mail, documents, shared point sites and more.
Our proficient experts understand this business challenge and that is the reason why Futurescape can help client to choose best CMS for their need, can customize and implement. Open souce CMS provides effective solutions to real business problems by properly managing the right information that is both cost effective and efficient.
Mobile Application Development
The dynamic business environment and the increasing customer requirements demand the best of the mobile applications for enhanced user experience. The consumers today are looking for applications like data capture, NFC (Near Field Communication), real-time notifications and data synchronization across various platforms. Futurescape has been providing assistance and developing solutions like:
We are not just limited to the Smartphone; we are also working for tablets. We have been developing and designing feature-rich mobile app for many years. Our mobile app developers hold expertise in intensive apps, e-commerce and utility mobile apps.
Web Application Development
Web based services is the need of the hour for every organization if they want to streamline internal processes, enhance customer experience and ensure critical business data security. Our expertise in web application development helps implement software which is accessible as a single interface through a platform independent web browser.
Our team of highly skilled professionals is expert in developing a wide range of web based application from simple web applications to complex internet applications, social media apps and e-Business apps.
E-commerce Portal Development
Gaining customers from all across the globe and increase revenues, E-commerce enabled website is the answer. In today’s competitive world where customer is the super king, E-commerce portals are the most effective tool to promote business online.
Futurescape Technologies offers the expertise in E-commerce portal development with its wide range of solution right from B2B to B2C E commerce portals. We can also help you out with:
Social Networking Website Development
Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn are so successful that now many organizations are demanding to have their own social networking site. The demand for social networking website has arisen as it is the best possible and the most effective way to stay connected to your customer and build a long term and strong relationship.
Our social networking developers have vast experience in developing social network website design and development, and social apps. The tailor made solutions increase customer engagement and thus increase ROI. With the use of latest Web 2.0 technologies, we streamline the entire business process.
Open Source Product Support and Maintenance
Futurescape firmly believes in the many benefits of Open Source. Since our inception, we have been working with open source technologies and we understand that for the clients who vouch for open source, it means saving license fees, learning from knowledge of vast pool of open source development experts.
We at Futurescape can help organizations in not only choosing the right kind of open source application for their business, but can also customize it with no change in the existing system. Our expert developers and engineers are working tirelessly towards open source development and providing round the clock support to clients in successful implementation of open source application in their system.