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It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with evolving technologies and business agility all the while keeping a hand on minimizing costs. Enterprise applications are the life force of any company. Right from tracking customers to analyzing financial statements to handling payroll, enterprise applications are very essential in running a business smoothly. Today's organizations want to go beyond the constraints of technology and are keen to apply consistent business practices to reduce the lifecycle cost of applications. But when it comes to an enterprise application partner, it becomes very difficult to find one who understands your business needs fully and helps you to in optimizing your operational costs apart from generating business value for the organization. Our Enterprise Application Services assist you to line up your business priorities and operational requirements to suit your business compatibilities.
Customer Relationship Management
As the name goes, it is a system to effectively manage a company’s interaction with the existing and prospective clients. In a more simple way, a CRM makes use of technology to organize, synchronize and automate different processes carried out by a company like sales, marketing, customer service etc.
Characteristics of an effective and a well-designed CRM:
Increase office productivity by allowing your employees easy and fast access to all customer data stored at one central location. Our custom designed CRM help organizations to develop efficient automated process and improve business processes.
Business Transformation
With the times changing so fast, it has become imperative for the business organizations to make some fundamental changes in the way they conduct business in order to cope up with any unpredicted shift in the industry.
Intense market competition and changing market environment, all these external changes have led the organizations to devise new ways and strategy to increase revenue or market share, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. We help the organizations transform their business smoothly without disrupting their daily activities. We help them recognize how to change and what to change, then testing and implementing those changes for a better tomorrow.
Application Management Services
Growing dependency on IT applications to increase productivity and efficiency has forced organizations to ensure optimum performance of such applications. Our expertise in the application management field ensures that the enterprise thrives on reliable and robust application Eco-system by employing round-the-clock monitoring and performance tuning.
Our Application support services are aimed at providing secured and high performance platform. Our support model is robust as a result of proven multi-tiered framework to suit the needs of the customers.
Enterprise Performance Management
An EPM system ensures improved business performance through continuous performance monitoring. By improving the ability to analyze financial, competitive, and operational information; our enterprise performance management software promises and delivers sustainable high performance. Performance management when aligned with corporate strategy help the enterprises focus on managing current operations and future values.
This management of current and future value has always been an issue in the traditional performance management systems. Our enterprise performance management addresses this dilemma of clients well and hence the management capabilities are utilized to full by focusing on only the current and future asset value, thus optimizing the performance.
Human Capital Management
Many firms have now started perceiving people as assets, thanks to the coming of Human Capital Management. Current and future value of the human capital can be therefore measured and enhanced through continuous investment.
Managers of the organizations using human capital management are responsible for rating and rewarding by holding the staff working under them for achieving set targets and business goals. Human capital management is considered to be one of the important parts of enterprise resource planning, which is responsible for maintaining employee records.
Our Human Capital Management Software provides the organization’s HR framework and streamlines the day-to-day operations like maintaining payroll, absentee records, and also help in planning and documenting things like regulations in compliance to industry or government standards.
Product Life-cycle Management
Right from ideation to end of life of product, Product Life cycle Management encompass all information like product information management, innovation etc. It integrates people, business systems, data operations and process and hence is able to maintain and provide product information that is helpful both for companies and their extended organizations.
Our PLC management software enables the organization to focus only on bringing new services and products, while the software manages product evolution right from design, manufacturing and disposal by data and business process integration and is accessible to both the organization and its extended enterprise.
Shared Services
Increasing competition, surmounting budgets, improve customer service, enhance business efficiency with keeping the costs low have become a big challenge for businesses across the globe. No business today can operate successfully if they do not involve shared services in its working model. Shared services should not be misunderstood as consolidating similar services, but convergence and streamlining of similar functions on to one location. We at Futurescape are expert in designing, implementation and continuous development of shared services. Our expertise lies in ensuring maximum utilization of resources and sustaining performance excellence.
Solutions Implementation
For smooth management of core business operations, Futurescape Technologies delivers business transformation by successful implementation of enterprise application services. Our experienced team efficiently manages complex projects with strict adherence to industry set standards. Pre Implementation and the preparation phase are an important aspect of any project that requires a complete suite of tools. We also arrange for software knowledge and skill based training to the client project team. Throughout the project emphasis is laid on effective communication, understanding the roles and taking upon responsibilities in the new set up. Our approach to address any technical issue during execution of the project at any phase is based on creativity and innovation.
Supply Chain Management
The management of flow of goods i.e. movement and storage of raw materials and finished goods, manage inventory all form an important part of supply chain management. Until now, most of the organizations were only concerned of what was happening in the “four walls” and paid no or little attention to how the products were delivered to the customer. This eventually resulted in ineffective supply chains.
Our supply chain management software covers everything right from sourcing raw material, product development and production, managing logistics and the entire coordination. Our software also takes care of the information flows as they are as important as the physical flows (transformation, storage and movement of raw materials and finished goods). It allows for greater coordination between the different supply chain partners and help in better control of day-to-day operations.
Document Management System
Organizations big or small produce piles of documents, images and it is spread across various systems. Document Management System uses a computer system and software for storing, managing, and track all the documents and images stored electronically.
Our document management software provides for meta data, file history, work flow, scanning. It provides one easy to go for solution by integrating and collaborating document management and advanced search functionality. It collects information from any and all digital sources; collaborates with colleagues for different projects and tasks and thus, empowers the organization by capitalizing on all the information collaborated. The result is: enhanced productivity, better customer relationship, smooth sales cycle, shortened time for product to reach the market.
An efficient document management system will save you time and money, allow remote access, ensure document data consistency, easy document recovery in case of accidental document loss etc.